Back handspring

Other names for this skill: flip-flop, flic-flac, flic

A value skill
FIG Code Group: IV
FIG Code Box: 6
Drills for Back handspring.
  • Sit back to a wall. The gymnast should stand about 3/4 the length of their femur and sit back with a vertical torso until they reach a wall sit position. This will develop a feel for the proper sit position.
  • Back limbers over a rounded block.
  • Handstand snap downs. The gymnast should try to finish with their feet in front of them with their arms traveling upwards.
  • Place a mat against a wall. Sit and fall back agains the mat. The entire back should contact the wall at the same time. This will help reinforce not leaning forward when sitting for a backhandspring.
  • Place a springboard on the floor,have gymnast get into a push up position with hands flat(without grabbing edges of springboard) work on moving body with shoulders without bending arms or legs.

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