High Bar B Skills


Double flyaway
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  • The gymnast should be comfortable with a flyaway out of giants.
  • The giant prior to the flyaway should be overshot slightly with a round body (this will be developed into a dismount tap)
  • Spot an object above the bar at about a 45 degree angle to ensure the head is not dropping back.
  • Stalder roll to handstand on floor. Hands should be kept narrow and the momentum should be used to get to handstand.
  • Stalder kips in an over grip. Build amplitude. Eventually this drill will go to handstand. (also a good drill for rear stalders, and wrong grip stalders)
  • Work front stalder circles. Start in an undergrip support. Cast to a hips high, straddle pike position and stalder circle forward to straddle L. Each consecutive circle should end higher on top. If there is difficulty staying in the staddle-pike position throughout try starting in a straddle L. Keep your hands fairly close together.
  • Cast to high straddle pike stalder circle forward, stalder to handstand.
  • A good strap drill to learn the timing for a late drop is to swing to nominal handstand in the front and execute the stalder on the back swing. This will help the gymnast develop a feel for initiating the giant before starting the stalder.
Endo 1/2 pirouette
  • A solid endo stalder that finishes in a solid handstand is required.
  • Work undergrip press handstand 1/2 pirouette, and undergrip cast handstand 1/2 pirouette on a low bar.
Front flyaway with 1/1 twist
  • No drills yet available for this skill.
Full pirouette
  • The gymnast should be able to do a 1/2 pirouette early and tight enough to finish in handstand.
  • A similar drill to the first 1/2 pirouette drill except the release hand reaches over the anchor hand to end in cross arm grip.
  • Once the 1/2 pirouette to mix grip is clean the gymnast should try turning the full pirouette to their back.
  • The gymnast should try to finish the full pirouette and get a solid support on the bar as early after vertical as possible.
Giant hop regrab
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  • No drills yet available for this skill.
Higgins roll to el grip
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  • No drills yet available for this skill.
Jam to eagle grip (above 45)
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  • No drills yet available for this skill.
  • As with the Front Stalder a strong stalder roll to handstand on floor will help a lot.
  • Rear sole circles trying to keep as much weight off the feet as possible.
  • Rear sole circles to handstand with a spot. The spot should stand on the upswing side of the bar and spot the shoulders. (This drill assumes the gymnast can do a sole circle) When the gymnast nears the peak they should try to continue to handstand.
  • Work rear stalder circles. The gymnast should do rear stalder circles to straddle L. Compression through the bottom and an agressive shifting of the wrists is key.
  • Rear stalder circle to straddle stand on the bar. As above but finish standing in a straddle on the bar. The stalder is the same technique just finishing by following through to handstand.
Stalder, rear with 1/2 turn
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  • No drills yet available for this skill.
  • No drills yet available for this skill.
Weller kip to handstand
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  • No drills yet available for this skill.