Rings C Skills


Back giant
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  • The gymnast should have a strong dislocate and shoot to support.
  • Rapid turn over and directing the toes to the ceiling are important factors.
  • As the toes rise the rings should be pushed back and down aggressively.
  • It is very important during the upwards swing that the head be kept in, looking towards the top of the ring tower, and the body be kept hollow.
Backuprise to cross
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  • No drills yet available for this skill.
Double layout
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  • Work straight body shoot to support.
  • As with a double tuck the gymnast should hold onto and keep pressing on the rings until the first rotation is almost complete.
  • As the rings are released an aggressive push off the rings will add height and rotation.
Front giant
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  • The gymnast should be able to do an inlocate with their shoulders above the rings consistantly.
  • The heels need to lead throughout the upwards phase of the swing. There is a tendency to hollow or pike which will hinder the swing.
  • If you have access to a cross sled, (or a total gym). Lie on your stomach feet upwards on the sled lifting your heels. Work the motion from arms at your side palms down push through to handstand position through a planche arm motion, and do the same through an inverted cross position. Very important to keep the arms straight. This motion can also be done with stretch tubing or thera-bands.
Full-in, tucked
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  • No drills yet available for this skill.
Half in half out tucked
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  • No drills yet available for this skill.
Homna to L-cross
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  • No drills yet available for this skill.
Inverted cross
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  • Work inverted cross press outs with feet on the outside of the cables. This will assist in balance and in effect shorten the ring cables so there is more inward tension.
  • Work wide arm press handstand on floor. See floor C skills for details.
  • If your tower has a spotting belt you can build an inverted cross trainer. Attach ankle cuffs to the spotting belt and work inverted crosses with a spot. (very important that the ankle cuffs are secure).
  • Work inverted cross lower to inverted hang press through inverted cross to handstand on a cross sled.
Kip to cross
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  • The gymnast should have a strong cross, and a straight arm kip to support.
  • Immediate pressure on the rings is requred as the kip is initiated.