Rings B Skills


Back kip to handstand
  • Work the motion on a cross sled.
  • Use an inverted cross trainer to work the skill with a spot.
Back uprise to straddle L
  • The gymnast should have a proper back uprise.
  • If the gymnast can do a back uprise to plance height a back uprise to straddle L is just a matter of control.
  • Once the plance position is reached the gymnast can lower controlled to a straddle L.
  • Work hanstand lower to straddle L on P-bars and floor.
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  • No drills yet available for this skill.
Double flyaway
  • If the gymnast has a good pull on the rings and an understanding of a shoot to support a double flyaway is a natural progression.
  • The gymnast should hold on to and continue to push on the rings until they are well above the rings and almost done with the first rotation.
  • As the gymnast releases they should throw the rings down and out for height.
Flyaway 1/1
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  • No drills yet available for this skill.
Hollow back press
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  • Work hollow back presses on floor. Start in a seal stretch position and rock forward lifting your heels and press to handstand. Once that is accomplished work it from lying in a prone with no rocking.
  • Work the inverse. Start in a handstand and lower down and forward to a support keeping a slight arch.
Iron cross or L-cross
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  • Younger gymnasts should not work these skills. It can damage their elbows and shoulder joints.
  • The proper technique is to roll the shoulders forward so that the inside of the elbow is turned down. This causes limited flexibility in the shoulder socket. It's important that a gymnast be strong enough in the shoulders to start working this.
  • Work partial cross pull outs. Start in a support, lower towards the cross almost to the failure point and press back to support. These can be done in sets.
  • Work crosses on low rings so that you can keep some of the weight on your feet. Be sure to only use your feet as little as possible while still maintaining the cross.
  • Assisted support crosses. Either with a spot or with stretch tubing.
  • Cut a bicycle tube in half. Secure each end to a ring. Stand on the tubing and work crosses. - submitted by Julian
  • Set up blocks 1-2 feet below the rings and 1-2 feet in front of the rings. Hold a support with feet resting on the block. Lower to L-cross and press out. Amount of weight on the feet can be reduced as the gymnast gets stronger.
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  • No drills yet available for this skill.
Piked press handstand with straight arms
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  • The first key is to keep the rings turned out and the inside of the elbows turned forward.
  • It's very critical to lift the hips first. Any planching of the press will make this very difficult. The technique should be perfected on P-bars and floor.