Beam A Skills


  • Keep your legs fully astride throughout this movement and do not allow your body to lean forward at the start or finish of the exercise, or you will lose your balance. you should be absolutely confident about performing a cartwheel in a straight line on the floor before attempting it on a bench or low beam.
Pirouette 1/1
  • Place two pieces of tape on the floor four inches apart from eachother and do pirouettes in between them.
Split Leap
  • 3 hops on bent base leg with beck leg in scale, swing back leg forward to take a giant step. Try to get both legs straight before landing in scale. Repeat.
  • Hang on a bar. Lift legs to split quickly. Bring legs back down and together. Repeat for opposite split.
  • Hang on a bar. Lift legs to split quickly. Switch legs to opposite split quickly. Remain square and repeat. Do one at a time.