Uneven Bars C Skills


Jager/piked jager
  • The gymnast should have a solid front flyaway.
  • Front pike dismounts from a swing or cast. The dismount should not travel far from the bar.
  • In a pit, resi-pit, or over stacked mats, piked front 1 1/4 to the mats. This will help develop a feel for the over rotation needed to do the skill properly. (this also teaches the gymnast what to do when they miss the release move)
  • Once the front pike dismount is high enough and getting close to the bar, it just takes a little later release and a reach for the bar.
Straddle Back To Handstand
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  • All drills for a straddle back apply.
  • The gymnast must focus on the hips rising and not the heels. The motion is very similar to a press handstand.
  • A tight hollow on the catch is critical to stabilize the skill.