Front handspring

A value skill
FIG Code Group: III
FIG Code Box: 11
Drills for Front handspring.
  • Blocking drills to handstand or up a mat. Kick to handstand-block catching in handstand. This drill can be worked from the floor to a panel mat increasing the number of layers to build amplitude.
  • Aggressive kicks to handstand against a mat. Lean a mat against a wall and have the gymnast kick to handstand aggressively. Their head and shoulders should not touch the wall. With their hands close to the wall only their heels should hit.
  • The most common error in handsprings is to tuck forward as soon as the hands leave the floor. This causes the gymnast to land in a squat position with their head and arms forward. The gymnast needs to get a feel for keeping their hips forward with their arms and head back.
  • Starting from a bridge with hands near a wall. Walk the hands up the wall to a stand. Be sure head is kept back the whole time.
  • Front limbers concentrating on keeping the head back.

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