Stalder press to handstand

Other names for this skill: endo roll to handstand

A value skill
FIG Code Group: I
FIG Code Box: 36
Drills for Stalder press to handstand.
  • Work stalder presses on a folded panel mat. This will help the feet clear the floor.
  • Handstand lower to straddle L. This should be done as slowly as possible.
  • Working stalder presses with the gymnasts back against , or near a wall will (in the seated straddle position) will help improve the efficiency in the skill by forcing proper technique.
  • The skill should be worked with both a fast roll into the stalder, and from a seated straddle L. This will aid in the development of a stalder on bars, as well as working the strength of the press.
  • Work stalder rolls across the floor. Gymnasts can work the stalder roll to whatever point they are capable, be that just to straddle L or to handstand.
  • Pancakes are key to this skill, as this is mostly a flexibility as opposed to strength skill. Get the gymnast to think of this skill as an extended version of the standing straddle press handstand by having them do straddle L-press to stand-press to handstand. This will help them get the compression concept. Be sure to try to keep the arms and legs straight.
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