Back (Tuck, Pike, Layout)

Other names for this skill: rearward salto, back flip

B value skill
FIG Code Group: IV
FIG Code Box: 7,22
Drills for Back (Tuck, Pike, Layout).
  • Round off back handspring punch to back on stacked mats. (The most difficult thing about this to young gymnasts is spacing their round off backhandspring. Repetition, patience, and marking is the key.)
  • The gymnast should learn to spot their set. This can be practiced on the drill above. Have the gymnasts look at their team/class mates as they punch to their back.
  • The most common problem on this skill is throwing the head back and doing a wipped over back inches from the ground. The above drills will help releave that problem.
  • To help with the reach and set the coach stands behind the gymnast and when the gymnast completes their round off back handspring the coach catches them for the reach. The gymnast can then focus on the set without worrying about the back tuck.
  • Lean an air track or large soft mat against a wall. Place a mini-tramp in front of the mat, and a box in front of the tramp. With hands on the box bounce a few times then reach arms up and set up and back against the mat/air track. This helps develop a tall set. Note: make sure that the mat border for the tramp is solid, there is a possibility of landing on the frame and springs.

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