Other names for this skill: forward salto

B value skill
FIG Code Group: III
FIG Code Box: 27
Drills for Front.
  • Dive rolls over stacked mats/bar mat/coaches arm/etc. To help build amplitude and a sense of taking off straight up have the gymnast do dive rolls over something. The punch should be directly in front of the object and an open body position should be maintained in flight. The object can be raised gradually as the gymnast improves.
  • Hard tuck rolls down an incline. This drill helps develop a feel for generating rotation. From the top of an incline mat the gymnast should initiate a roll and as they roll forward pull a tight tuck by sitting up aggressively and grabbing their knees. The roll should accelerate and finish in a standing tuck position. Be sure not to tuck by stopping the roll and end in a ball on the floor.

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