Round off

Other names for this skill: arab spring

Basic skill
Drills for Round off.
  • A deep lunge and long reach are important to generate the proper momentum.
  • An aggressive blocking off of the hands and snapping of the feet are necessary to turn the round off over sufficiently for a stretched back handspring.
  • As for back handsprings, handstand snap downs will help to improve this skill.
  • It is important that the gymnast not leap into the round off. The second foot should not leave the floor before the first hand contacts the floor.
  • The round off should finish in such a way that the gymnast should half to run backwards to avoid falling. The feet should finish in front of the rest of the body with the arms up and a hollow tight body.
  • The gymnasts head needs to be kept in throughout the skill. Leaving the head out causes the round off to go around the side rather than over the top.
  • Work roundoffs over stacked mats, or mat shapes to jump back onto 8 inch mats stacked on to cheese mats.
  • Work round offs blocking from a slightly raised surface. Attempts should over rotate to the back without the feet touching the ground. This will encourage a strong block and snap down.
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