A value skill
FIG Code Group: I
FIG Code Box: 36
Drills for Inlocate.
  • On low rings kick one leg back. Head up and inlocate being sure to stay arched while driving the one heel back. Alternate legs.
  • Hug a twinky. See conditioning for details. Be sure to drive the heels hard basically to a chest stand.
  • Open forward rolls on P-bars. Though they are painful this is an excellent drill for straight body inlocates. Work upper arm swing to forward roll. Be sure to lead with the heels and stay slightly arched throughout. This teaches the feeling of leading wiith the heels and not pushing too soon. (This will also help backuprise handstand on P-bars).
  • Once the gymnast has a good concept of the heel drive and turn over they can start working on keeping pressure on the rings. If the gymnast is light enough (or the coach big/strong enough) carrying them slowly through the positions on low rings having the gymnast push on the rings throughout can help.
  • When learning an inlocate some gymnasts will pull on the rings and bend their arms. It's important to stress that the arms must remain straight. The motion simply does not work right with bent arms.

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