Iron cross or L-cross

B value skill
FIG Code Group: IV
FIG Code Box: 12
Drills for Iron cross or L-cross.
  • The proper technique is to roll the shoulders forward so that the inside of the elbow is turned down. This causes limited flexibility in the shoulder socket. It's important that a gymnast be strong enough in the shoulders to start working this.
  • Work partial cross pull outs. Start in a support, lower towards the cross almost to the failure point and press back to support. These can be done in sets.
  • Work crosses on low rings so that you can keep some of the weight on your feet. Be sure to only use your feet as little as possible while still maintaining the cross.
  • Assisted support crosses. Either with a spot or with stretch tubing.
  • Cut a bicycle tube in half. Secure each end to a ring. Stand on the tubing and work crosses. - submitted by Julian
  • Set up blocks 1-2 feet below the rings and 1-2 feet in front of the rings. Hold a support with feet resting on the block. Lower to L-cross and press out. Amount of weight on the feet can be reduced as the gymnast gets stronger.

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