Maltese cross

Other names for this skill: swallow

D value skill
FIG Code Group: IV
FIG Code Box: 9
Drills for Maltese cross.
  • Slowly lower through Maltese to back lever
  • Work backuprise to Maltese on rings with a spot
  • On low rings with a spot work support to Maltese 1 sec hold back to support repeat. This will help develop a solid feel for where the position is as well as significant strength training
  • Place two panel mats side by side angled towards eachother so that the gymnasts shoulders can rest on both mats but must keep their arms angled outward to support. The gymnast can work the maltese position while getting some support for the shoulders.
  • Put a foam shape between the low rings. The shape should be a little lower than the rings. Have the gymnast work maltese holds with the shape supporting him by the stomach.

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