Shoot to handstand, bent arm

Basic skill
Drills for Shoot to handstand, bent arm.
  • The gymnast should try to spot the top of the ring tower and direct their toes towards it.
  • A common error is to stop pushing as the shoulders pass the rings. This results in a shoot to shoulderstand, climb/struggle to handstand.
  • It's important to continue to push on the rings throughout the skill.
  • It is also common to throw the hips up, head back and let the feet fall back. This is why it is important for the gymnast to concentrate on directing their toes towards the top of the ring tower.
  • On a cross sled. Lie on your back feet up, head in looking at your toes. Start palms up arms down by your legs and pull through to handstand position. This motion can also be done with stretch tubing or thera-bands.

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