Blind turn/blind change

Other names for this skill: Back giant with 1/2 turn

A value skill
FIG Code Group: I
FIG Code Box: 31
Drills for Blind turn/blind change.
  • Dead hang in a slight hollow position with the head in. Half turn to mix grip keeping hollow. The turn should be initiated by and aggresive throw of the release hand.
  • Swing half turn to mix grip, swing forward, swing back and switch the under hand to overgrip, repeat. (Very important to have legs tight and squeezed together throuhgout these drills)
  • Swing half turn immediate switch to overgrip. (a piece of foam held between the feet or knees help the gymnast keep good form. Again, very important)
  • Consecutive swing half turns building amplitude. This drill can be done until the gymnast swings over the bar, then it is a simple step to do a swing half-turn over the bar to undergrip.

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