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FIG Code Group: III
FIG Code Box: 1
Drills for Kip.
  • Work glides on a low bar, being sure to keep straight legs, head in, shoulders open.
  • If the gymnast has a good glide then they can work glide and lift their toes to the bar on the rearward phase. Ensure that they do not lift their toes too early.
  • Once they can glide and lift their toes then they can work kips with a spot to develop a feel for the motion.
  • Hanging leg lifts will greatly improve kips as it strengthens both the abs and the critical muscle groups in closing the shoulders.
  • Stem rises: On a bar mounted near a wall, or a set of P-bars set uneven (distance apart will depend on size and strength of gymnast) hang on the higher bar with feet on the low bar (or wall) push off the bar/wall with the feet and pull the bar to the waiste with straight arms. Widen the bars to increase difficulty.
  • On a low bar, stretch body over a barrel. Shoulders should be extended and body straight. (glide swing extension). Pull toes to bar and kip.
  • Place a block or stacked panel mats next to a high bar upright. Loop an elastic band with handles over the bar. Lie on your back with your bottom close to the edge of the mats/block. Hold the handles, lift your legs to the handles and pull down while bringing your feet to the ground and trying to stand up. Keep straight arms.
  • Hold onto the bar with open shoulders with toes to the bar. This will help develop stomach strength required for the kip.
  • Lay down and hold a weight slightly off the ground with your arms by your ears. Then aggresively bring the weight with straight arms to your quadraceps and sit up.
  • Click here to view an article on the glide kip.
  • Fun game, good drill. Place foam blocks or other small light object at the extension point of the gymnasts glide. Have the gymnast grab the block and throw it over the bar.
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