Other names for this skill: Free straddle circle backwards through handstand, Rear stalder

B value skill
FIG Code Group: III
FIG Code Box: 42
Drills for Stalder.
  • Rear sole circles trying to keep as much weight off the feet as possible.
  • Rear sole circles to handstand with a spot. The spot should stand on the upswing side of the bar and spot the shoulders. (This drill assumes the gymnast can do a sole circle) When the gymnast nears the peak they should try to continue to handstand.
  • Work rear stalder circles. The gymnast should do rear stalder circles to straddle L. Compression through the bottom and an agressive shifting of the wrists is key.
  • Rear stalder circle to straddle stand on the bar. As above but finish standing in a straddle on the bar. The stalder is the same technique just finishing by following through to handstand.

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