Clear hip to handstand

Other names for this skill: free hip to handstand

Basic skill
Drills for Clear hip to handstand.
  • Clear hip to high support. The gymnast should aim to finish the clear hip horizontal or higher. A spotter should catch the gymnast in their final position.
  • Consecutive clear hips. This will force the gymnast to hit a solid support and shift their wrists to prepare for the next clear hip. Each clear hip can build amplitude.
  • The key is to stay tight, head in, and aggressively drop the shoulders back when initiating the skill.
  • To get a consistant clearhip hand stand practice back hip circles then try getting your hips away from the bars then putting a bar height box behind and the low bar. stand on the box, then putting your hands on the bar swing around the bar and try to get your feet back on the box.
  • Back extension roll to push up position. Really focus on a tight hollow back extension roll.

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