1/1 Pierouette (3 step)

C value skill
FIG Code Group: I
FIG Code Box: 63
Drills for 1/1 Pierouette (3 step).
  • Work 3 step 1/1s on floor with tape lines indicating bar location. This will enable the gymnast to focus on the technique of the skill without worrying about the bars.
  • It is critical to stay tight and extended with open shoulders throughout. There is a tendency to pike the shoulders on the second step of the skill resulting in the gymnast coming off of the bars.
  • During the 1/2 reverse phase the gymnast must reach under themselves for the bar, they will be slightly off balance over the opposite bar. This is where most gymnasts fall, generally to the outside of the bar from being to far over the single rail.
  • Work the 1/1 on paralettes.

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