A value skill
FIG Code Group: I
FIG Code Box: 1
Drills for Scissor.
  • A good conditioning drill for scissors is a side support leg lift. Hold a side support on one arm with legs together. Lift the top leg towards the celing and lower.
  • On the stride swing the hips should be turned towards the direction of the swing.
  • An aggresive kick of the rear leg at the bottom of the swing is needed to carry the swing to the proper position.
  • A good drill is to do a stride swing to straddle side support on the horse. The front leg will come to rest on the horse with the rear leg lifted as high as possible. Once this dril is performed adequately a scissor is simply finishing the switch of the legs.
  • Working false scissors well makes a larger improvement to scissors than working scissors. A false scissor is a scissor without bringing the rear leg forward, finishing in a rear straddle swing.

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