Straddle Back

B value skill
FIG Code Group: 5
FIG Code Box: 5.203
Drills for Straddle Back.
  • For a timing exersize, work swings in which the gymnast straddles in the rearward swing, lifts their hips, and looks down to the low bar. The straddle should occur after the vertical phase of the swing.
  • With a single rail a stack of mats with a wedge on the top can be used to simulate the low bar. On this setup work straddle back to straddle stand. The gymnast should be encouraged to land in a straddle stand and not a seated straddle position.
  • Use either a bar pad, or sting mat drapped on the bar and work straddle backs. Focus should be on lifting the hips on the rearward swing.

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