Cast Handstand

B value skill
FIG Code Group: 2
FIG Code Box: 2.201
Drills for Cast Handstand.
  • Work a lot of casts. With spots, without spots. Work casts with good form. Be sure to also work cast handstand and lower back to the bar, because the negative motion will strengthen the cast.
  • Swing handstand on P-bars with good technique will help improve cast handstands. (For both male and female gymnasts).
  • Wrap a therapy band or surgical tubing around the base of very sturdy equipment, such as beam, vault, or bar base. Lie on back and grasp the band or surgical tubing. The feet should be closer to the base than the head. Bend knees. Holding the band very tight, while keeping the arms straight and close to body, pull band from the thighs toward the ceiling and then up toward the head. Return the band slowly using the same direction, toward the ceiling then down toward the base/thighs. This should simulate the uppoer body while performing a cast to hanstand.
  • Lay stomach down on a sixty centimetre block or two resi-mats with a floor bar infront of the block/resi-mats, get gymnast to place hands on bar with shoulders in front with open hip postition heel drive to handstand position then fall to flatback this drill can be spotted at first to give gymnast impression of leading with their feet.
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